Discography Faron's Flamingoes



Faron's Flamingoes were formed when Faron left the TT's and joined the Ravens. Faron, Bob Wooler and Nicky Crouch were waiting for a bus after a gig at Hambleton Hall. Bob said we needed a new name for a new band and he said Faron would be known as ' The panda footed prince of prance' and the band would be known as 'The Flamingoes'. .Their recording of 'Do you love me' is regarded as a classic Merseybeat recording. They had a loud and lively stage act reflected in their recordings.

 'This is Merseybeat' Volume 1 'Let's Stomp' 'Talkin' 'bout You' 'Do You Love Me' 'See if she cares' 'Gimme time' 'Shake Sherry'