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Nick Crouch is a founder member of The Merseycats an organisation dedicated to raising money to help sick and needy children on Merseyside. It is our way of giving something back to our birthplace in return for the luck we had being there in the sixties and the unique opportunities it gave us. The members still meet each Thursday night at the Aintree British Legion, Liverpool to chat about old times and to jam together. Of course the bands still play many charity gigs to keep up the good work of raising money for the Merseycats charity.

This site was set up for a variety of reasons. One because the internet is there so why not use it. Two there is a lot of incorrect information out there that needs to be put right. Three its fun and four it points to other worthwhile sites. I'm sure there are other reasons but that'll do for now.

All the best Nick Crouch

Of course the bands still play many charity gigs