Nicky Crouch’s MOJOS

Text Box: The band has been together now for some time and is unique in that it is the only band left on Merseyside where all the band members has a pedigree of playing in a famous band in the sixties. 

Post War Merseyside more so than other areas of the country had almost isolated itself from the rest of the country. Not known for their long term vision Liverpudlians tended to go for the ‘fast buck’ rather than investing in the future. Times were still hard for most people and the bright lights of London and the south were way beyond most thoughts. Being a port brought other riches to the city by way of the many sailors who frequented the many pubs bartering stuff brought back from abroad including obscure american blues and rock and roll records. Many young men had formed small skiffle bands and some wanted to progress. The combination of the imported American records, listening to Radio Luxemburg and sheer determination and enthusiasm gave birth to the Mersey Sound. It seemed that every street had a band and suddenly in the late fifties the bombsites and the greyness of everything was transformed. The music brought colour and a sense of belief in the future. The members of this band all came from this background and four decades later are lucky enough to still be able to play the music we all love.



Text Box: (Left to right)
Nicky Crouch	Tommy Hughes		Brian Johnson		    Eric London		

The Hi Cats		The Swinging Bluegenes	The Strangers			     The Hi Cats		
Faron’s Flamingoes	The Kansas City Five		Ian & The Zodiacs		     Faron’s Flamingoes		
The Mojos 						Rory Storm & The Hurricanes    Group One