Discography The Mojos



(B) THE MOJOS (Decca DFE 8591) 1964 R2

NB: There's also a compilation, Working (Edsel ED 110) 1982.


  1. Forever/They Say (Decca F 11732) 1963 -
  2. Everything's Alright/Give Your Lovin' To Me (Decca F 11853) 1964 9
  3. Why Not Tonight/Don't Do It Any More (Decca F 11918) 1964 25
  4. Seven Daffodils/Nothin' At All (Decca F 11959) 1964 30
  5. Comin' On To Cry/That's The Way It Goes (Decca F 12127) 1965 -
  6. Goodbye Dolly Gray/I Just Can't Let Her Go (Decca F 12557) 1967 -
  7. Until My Baby Comes Home/Seven Park Avenue (Liberty LBF 15097) 1968 -

A Liverpool band who evolved out of another Liverpudlian band called The Nomads who hadn't recorded any 45s but had had a track included on the This Is Merseybeat compilation.

They became The Mojos in August 1963 and, after winning a songwriting competition, got a contract with Carlin Music who leased their tapes to Decca. They got a residency at the Blue Angel and soon established themselves as one of the popular Merseybeat bands, particularly with the girls.

Wilkinson left after their first 45 to join The Mastersounds, who didn't make it onto vinyl. With his replacement Nicky Crouch, the remaining members headed for Hamburg, playing the Star Club and recording their second 45, Everything's Alright, whilst they were there. Regarded as a classic Merseybeat recording, this 45 took them into the Top Ten, a feat they were never able to repeat. They had a loud and lively stage act but most of their subsequent singles veered towards lightweight pop. They enjoyed a couple of further Top 30 hits with Why Not Tonight and Seven Daffodils before splintering in late 1964. Only Stu James and Nicky Crouch remained from the earlier line-up and they became known as Stu James and The Mojos. James' real name was Stu Slater. Professional actor Lew Collins was in the band along with another legend of Liverpool on drums, Aynsley Dumbar, who later went to the US to play with the likes of Frank Zappa. At this time they were managed by the future Iveys/Badfinger manager Bill Collins.

Forever, their first 'A' side, was also included on Decca's 1964 Ready, Steady, Go! compilation. It also features, along with Everything's Alright and Seven Daffodils on Liverpool 1963-64, Vol. 2.